Gillian McClure

Zoe's Boat

Zoe's Boat

A little girl, Zoe, lives by a river with her Dear Old Dog. When Zoe decides to run away to sea in her little boat she finds the Dog doesn’t want to go with her and she has to leave without him. But things go wrong when the little boat reaches the sea and Zoe is faced with some very dangerous waves.

"Help" cries Zoe - but who is there to help her?



Illustrated in watercolour in eye-catching frame format, this engaging picture book gives an exciting graphic novel experience; together with a reassuring read-aloud story for children.


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Story and illustrations: Gillian McClure

U.K. Publisher: Plaister Press, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9565108-2-2



Another charming book from a well established children’s author-illustrator and issued by her own publishing enterprise. This picture book is in a slightly comic-strip style with mixed sizes of pictures all in pastel colours. It is a book to read aloud and will capture a sense of adventure for young children. 

Janette Perkins,The School Librarian, Autumn 2012

The terse text and splashy illustrations of Zoe’s Boat are properly scary and yet utterly charming. As for Dear Old Dog, scruffy and mournful and tolerant and needy and indignant and loyal and brave, with one bound he has captured my heart.

Kevin Crossley-Holland

It was a pleasure to pick up this picturebook which manages to be whimsical and charming in a modern graphic format... This book tells young readers much about friendship. It would be an excellent read-aloud story for young children and an appealing adventure for newly independent readers to enjoy.

Margaret Mallett, Books for Keeps, Issue 194

A story about friendship encompassing cosiness, adventure, excitement, fear and reassurance, told as a graphic novel for younger readers and illustrated with all the characteristic subtlety of Gillian McClure's palette.  It could be favourite reading for young readers for a long time to come.

Chris Stephenson, Carousel,Spring 2012

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