Gillian McClure

Tom Finger

Tom Finger

One day a mysterious cat, Tom Finger, appears at Queenie’s door. Each day he appears bearing a different gift — a lace handkerchief, a satin soap bag, a slipper, and so on — Queenie is entranced. Though her brother is sceptical, even suspicious, of Tom Finger, Queenie is determined to find out who the cat really is. One day she starts following him through the snowy forest, guided by only a slender trail of red wool. What wonderful gifts might await her?

Story and illustrations: Gillian McClure

U.K. Publisher: Bloomsbury, 2002

ISBN: 0-7475-5596-6



Tom Finger has beautiful and evocative watercolour pictures of a mysterious cat who leads Queenie through all the perils of a snowy forest as she follows his red thread trail. The story is excellent for reading aloud, with a rhythmic lilt and plenty of repetition.

The Spectator

Tom Finger takes you by surprise with its other worldliness and its un-Englishness.

Books for Keeps

The artwork in pen and light washes is fluid with large areas of unworked space, and the style and images would not be out of place in the European nursery picture book world of the early 20th century.

School Librarian

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