Peter has heard the legend of the Selkie — a seal who can turn into a girl — but he cannot believe it when he rescues a real, live Selkie from a net in the sea. The two become firm friends and Selkie teaches him the secret language of the sea. But someone else has spotted the Selkie and Peter and his new friend are in great danger...

Illustrations in acrylic on CS Board.

Story and illustrations: Gillian McClure

U.K. Publisher: Plaister Press, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9565108-0-8


Gillian McClure has gone to the islands off the Northern coast of Scotland for her inspiration, and in this powerful tale of the friendship between a boy and a Selkie, has found a magical subject for her considerable talents. This is a book to treasure and revisit.


We are told that Gillian McClure based her illustrations on the experience of visits to the island of Colonsay. Whatever spirit informs them, they seem full of the sense of another time and another place; an experience genuinely created and preserved.

Quentin Blake in Books for Keeps


Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award, USA 2000.

Some of the Selkie original artwork is in the Seven Stories Children’s Book Centre Archive.

Long listed for The Smarties Award 2000.

Lanarkshire TV Tall Tales 2001.